98 7056

Year of manufacture 1886
Manufacturer Sächsische Maschinenfabrik Hartmann AG (Chemnitz)
Manufacturing number 1435
Wheel arrangement B
Genus L 22.13
Type Saxon Vll T
Owner Dresden Traffic Museum (VMD)
Museum's vehicle since 1971
Accessibility not always

Technical Data

Length over buffers (mm) 6 358
Complete wheelbase (mm) 2 200
Diameter of driving wheel (mm) 1 100
Diameter of running wheel (front) (mm)  
Diameter of running wheel (back) (mm)  
Height over rail (mm) 4 150
Empty weight (engine + tender) (t) 20,7
Operating weight (including all supplies) (t) 26,7
Number of heating pipes   98
Condensating surface (m²) 43,50
Grill surface (m²) 0,87
Feeding device Injector (l/min) 40
  Piston feed pump (l/min)  
Maximum speed (km/h) 45
Power (horse powers) 250
Brake type    
Axle load (t)  
Maximum tractive effort on starting (Mp) 10.5
Boiler pressure (kp/cm²) 12
Diameter high pressure cylinder (mm) 300
Piston stroke (mm) 533
Coal reservoir (t) 0,9
Water reservoir (m³) 2,9
Track gauge (mm) 1 435