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Info: Ticket pre-sale to 16th Dresden Steam Engine Festival has started. You can access our webshop in the top menu of this website.
Please note: Ticket pre-sale will be over on March, 31th. After that date, tickets for admission to festival ground will be available at our cash desks. Remaining tickets for special trains will be sold directly on the trains.

Coming next

Dresden Steam Engine Festival on April 13th/14th 2024.

Special excursion trains

After 5 special excursion trains (April 12th-14th 2024) along our Steam engine festival (please visit our webshop on this site for bookings), next special excursion train will follow on April, 20th 2024:

Special train to the Czech state of Bohemia (Böhmen)

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Planned route: Aschersleben - Bernburg - Halle/Saale - Leipzig-Engelsdorf - Dresden main station - Ebersbach - Jedlova (Tannenberg) - Decin (Tetschen) - Usti n.L. (Aussig) and back.
Planned locomotives: Diesel locomotive type 132 (Aschersleben - Dresden) and steam locomotive 35 1097 (Dresden - Usti and back)
>>> Link to travel agency Reisebüro Maertens in Dresden for bookings <<<

Our annual program for 2023 and 2024 is located in sub-menu "Openings and prices".

For guided tours outside opening hours please send a request to kontakt(at)igbwdresdenaltstadt.de